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80 Reasons Why All Tennis Players Should Exercise

80 reasons to exercise


80 Reasons Why All Tennis Players Should Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for fitness buffs; tennis players of all levels need it as well so they can be stronger, feel better and play better with fewer injuries. The following post was originally featured on Eating Bird Food and written by Brittany Mullins, who is part of the awesome POPSUGAR Select Fitness team.

I made this little graphic to motivate my 28-Day Transformation group this week and decided it was worth sharing here on the blog as well.

If ever you need a little motivation to get your workout in, look over this list, and get inspired! I mean, there are 80 reasons to exercise listed here. At least one or two of them are liable to resonate with you.

My personal favorites: number 3 / number 7 / number 16 / number 18 / number 25 / number 34 / number 48 (yeah, I went there!) / number 65 / number 75 (anything to help my game!) / number 80

Which of these motivates you to exercise? I’ll bet there are quite a few! Tell us in the comment below!

Fitness, health and wellness experts from POPSUGAR are here to bring you tennis-specific fitness tutorials, workouts, and other health and fitness related posts that will help you move faster on the courts and hit with more power!

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