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Tennis-Specific TRX Exercises To Strengthen Your Core, Upper And Lower Body

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Tennis-Specific TRX Exercises To Strengthen Your Core, Upper And Lower Body

Everyone wants to be a better tennis player, right? Some take lessons and drills, while others prefer to learn the game by playing matches. But no matter how many skills you acquire, you won’t be as good as you can be without proper fitness.

Having a stronger core, upper and lower body will not only make you feel and look better but it will make you play better than just having skills alone. And one of the best ways you can easily, quickly and safely strengthen your muscles while burning fat is by using TRX (Total body Resistance eXercise) equipment. This form of suspension training takes exercise to a whole new level by using your own body weight and gravity to create resistance and kick your muscles into high gear.

The following exercises target the important areas specific for tennis players (the core, abs, chest, shoulders, back, legs and hips) and anyone can do them – even beginners! And the great thing about TRX system is that it rolls up so you can literally take it with you and workout anywhere -at the gym, at home, and even at hotels when you travel.

Watch these videos to learn more about how TRX works, and give these moves a try.

For the abs and core:


For the arms, shoulders chest and back:


Lower body workout:


Fitness, health and wellness experts from POPSUGAR are here to bring you tennis-specific fitness tutorials, workouts, and other health and fitness related posts that will help you move faster on the courts and hit with more power!

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