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Welcome to our online space for recreational tennis players! Weโ€™re a brand new concept for a tennis lifestyle website that includes everything recreational and league players need and want to be they can be!

We were drowning in the sea of websites and blogs that only offered tennis news, game analysis, and/or player stats when what we really wanted was a website with information recreational tennis players need to grow their game in a fun and healthy way, so we decided to create our own!

Our goal is to provide all of the essential tools (and those that are just plain fun!) to empower recreational tennis players of all ages and all levels and all around the world through our weekly educational, purposeful, and occasionally playful content, including:

instruction ๐ŸŽพย tennis humor and opinion articles ๐ŸŽพ tennis and fitness gear and apparel rollouts and reviews ๐ŸŽพtennis life hacks ๐ŸŽพtennis-specific fitness tips and workouts ๐ŸŽพ workout playlists ๐ŸŽพpre and post-match or workout recipes ๐ŸŽพ tennis league snack ideas w/recipes ๐ŸŽพ athlete health and wellness ๐ŸŽพ contests and giveaways… and SO much more!

Our growing roster of editors includes players from all across the US – high-level recreational players, tennis coaches, sports nutrition and fitness experts, and a former top WTA world-ranked tennis player!

Join our movement as we inspire health, strength, and confidence so you can be your best tennis self from the inside out!

If you’d like to join our editorial team, click HERE. We’d love to have you!

jen avatar

Team Editor

Competitive tennis player, interior designer, writer, vegan, fitness freak, animal lover, and smart ass who...

Jane Forman

Team Coach

A former WTA tour player whose most notable opponents include Martina Navratilova, Gigi Fernandez...

ramon osa

Team Coach

After years of working with tennis professionals, Team Coach Ramon developed his own program and...

Karen's Avatar

Team Editor

I'm Karen Fishman - mom, tennis player, health and wellness coach, motivator, successful entrepreneur, and now...

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Contributing Health and Fitness Editors

Fitness, health, and wellness experts from POPSUGAR are here to bring you tennis-specific fitness...

dana h

Team Editor, Fitness, Health, Nutrition

Dana is our Health and Fitness Editor with a BS in Nutrition, Exercise, and Health...


Team Editor | Food, Nutrition

A former D1 athlete, Julie is a USPTA Certified Elite Professional with over 10 years of coaching...

Scott Thomas

Team Editor | News + Gossip

Scott is our News Editor. He's a tennis junkie, gifted napper, ice cream eater, coolest dude alive.

Ivy Z

Team Editor

Hi everyone! I am Ivy Zhang - a tennis player, tennis podcaster, and tennis writer! I'm also...

jenny avatar

Team Editor

Tennis junkie, computer nerd, chronic coffee reheater, retired Disney princess. I am inspired by all...


Contributing Editor

Jen, or as her friends call her, "Jenuine," is a former high school tennis athlete who, 15 years later...


Team Editor | Culture

Joyce is a self-proclaimed "tennis-haulic." She is a lifelong player (don't ask...


Team Editor | League Stuff

USTA League Captain and player, lover of all things tennis. I'm a marathon runner, and...


Contributing Editor

A former Ms. Natural Olympia Bodybuilding champion, currently a competitive tennis player...

margit bannon yoga for tennis

Contributing Coach

A former D1 athlete, Margit is currently a USPTA Elite certified professional...


Team Coach

Maria is one of our amazing Team Coaches. She is a former D1 athlete and current Certified Elite Pro...

Naomi Karki

Team Editor

I have been playing tennis since I was four years old, and I am currently playing for Rutgers...

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Team Editor

Is this you? If you have passion for the sport and would like to share it with others, we